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TJ Davis is a special person....let’s get that straight from the start!!!! I’ve known her for about 8 years now and we have worked together all over the world. She is and will always be my first choice for a fellow conspirator for any songs I write with a female lead vocal. She is my only choice for female backing vocals. We’ve written songs together and, if I get a nice birthday present from her in June, a couple will be featured on my new album later this year!!!

What are the special ingredients I hear you ask???

First off.....her Yorkshire personality and sense of humour ushers her through any situation this business can throw at you....and I mean any it at a gig on the beach in the Caribbean or singing to thousands at the Royal Albert Hall in London. Secondly....she has a voice that can make you cry in her ballads, and, frankly, catch your breath in her R&B and dance portfolio. She makes it all seem so effortless and can pull off that hardest of tricks....make you believe she really “means” what she is singing. Thirdly...she’s a bit of a babe in the right gear....and trust me, she always chooses well.

A true pro. with a big heart and boundless talent!!!!!!!!!!

Nick van Eede
- Cutting Crew/Virgin Records/Sony Publishing/

TJ is one of the finest singers I've ever worked with, both in the studio and on stage. Her voice is exceptional, her attitude, and the commitment she showed when touring with me, is something I will always be grateful for. And, on top of all that, she's great fun to be around. Amongst my fans she remains the most popular vocalist to ever stand beside me and I would work with her again in an instant.

Gary Numan

In some 20 odd years in the business I must say I've never come across a personality or talent to match quite like T.J Davis. Through good and bad times, thick & thin, I must say I can't recall ever a harsh remark or loss of cool even under the most upsetting of situations. I think this is why from when we met to the present day - some 10 years now - we remain good friends. Around the time when D-ream was at it's height I was a very demanding "employer", my tunes demanded a very high (Pitch) voice to do all the female parts over a two-hour show. T.J Delivered on all fronts. A Beautiful person inside and out- even live on stage when I'd forget my parts she would smile and all would be forgiven.

I was touched by her struggle to find her own voice and how hard she worked to overcome her demons. We all have to do this, and maybe this is why I have so much faith in her abilities now to take centre stage in her own right.

I continue to this day to stand by her and we are both still creating goals with a common cause in our latest offering; Unalovers Feat: T.J Davis,

" My beautiful Friend".

We take the leap of faith together

Pete Cunnah
D:Ream (EMI Music Publishing)

© 2004 TJ Davis